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The Marsupial Society caters for people with a general interest in marsupials, many keeping & breeding specific species. Wildlife parks, Wildlife carers, Zoo keepers & Conservationists.

The Society is a volunteer run not for profit group that promotes the keeping and care of Australian marsupials and mammals.  Incorporated in Victoria Australia.  

The Marsupial Society holds events throughout the year.  Everyone is welcome to attend our advertised events. 

  • Wildlife Park & Zoo visits

  • Members property visits

  • Weekends away

  • Animal surveys

In Victoria there are currently 31 species of marsupial & native mammals that can be kept by private keepers.

  • We represent our members and native animal keepers by lobbying government when wildlife regulations are under review

  • We provide advice to government in the development of Codes of Practice related to the keeping of marsupials and native mammals

  • We research, write and present submissions to Government for the addition of new marsupials and native mammal to private keeping wildlife schedules

  • We maintain representation on the Victoria Government Wildlife Possession Trade Advisory Committee (WPTAC)

Society Membership
Join the Marsupial Society

A licence is required in all states of Australia to keep marsupials and most native mammals. These can be obtained from your State Government Environment department.. 

​​NO wildlife may be taken from the wild in any State, it must be obtained from a legal source a private wildlife breeder, wildlife park or zoo. 


There are private keeper obligations under the licencing requirements refer to to your State jurisdiction for requirements

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