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Macropod Fencing

There are many different ways to design and build fencing for macropods. There are many different types of materials you can consider using.  The height of the fence and the types of materials used will depend on a few things. 

●    Is it an external fence on a property line? 
●    Is it an internal fence to divide enclosures or paddocks? 
●    Does the fence need to keep predators out? 
●    What kind of macropod do you need to keep in? 

Once you have answered all these questions the next question is what materials should you use? Your choice of materials may or usually comes down to price. But consider what life span you want out of the fencing and how much maintenance it will need over its lifetime.  


The best advice would be “plan to do the fence once”.  Plan for as little future maintenance as possible, this will then direct you towards the materials to use.

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